A passion for sharing ideas and information through a lens and then printed on paper has been with me for over 50 years. In 1958, I was inspired by photographs I saw in a book in a library by David Douglas Duncan (DDD) and the caption which praised the Nikkor lenses he was using. My first professional camera was a Nikon F2AS.

Today I am using older cameras and lenses suited for wet-plate collodion plates, but I still love to use a Nikon (SP) as well as anything with a lens on it which helps me to share images.

The aim of these pages and my blog is to share information on where to find anything to do with traditional and analogue photography services, processes and equipment.


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60 Years - from Nikon SP to Olympus P3
60 Years – from Nikon SP to Olympus P3

Our aim is to make our guest house in the South of France a base for anyone sharing my passion for classic photography working with classic cameras in all formats (from 35mm to 10×12 inch).

Come and -stay with us, discover the beautiful region of Languedoc and make use of our darkrooms and photo labs which cater for Black and White photography and a range of classic 19th century processes.

There are regular workshops in Villa Roquette taught by Internationally acclaimed artists.

You are welcome to visit and use our facilities if you are in the area.

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