I will add links and information about sites which offer information and services useful to alternative photography – for now there is just a list of links, but I will try to classify these.

if you have any useful contacts or know good websites, please let me know and I will add this information.

Nikon S Rangefinder
Nikon S Rangefinder

Local Darkroom facilities This sounds like a good idea sponsored by (what was) Ilford – you can find us listed for darkroom and workshops

Facebook Groups I am in (before they boot me out) –

Wet Plate Collodion
CollodionUK and Ireland
Collodion Bastards
Dry Collodion Photography
Carbon Printing photography
Alt-Process Photography
Antiquarian Avant-Garde Art & Processes
Groupe Collodion France
Dutch Alternative Photography
Gum Bichromate Photography
Long Exposure Photography
Alternative Photography
Joseph Petzval
Vintage Camera Collectors
Medium format photography
Film Is Not Dead.
35mm Film Photography
Cameras That Use Film
The Large Format Photographer Society
Film is not dead it just smells funny (THIAPS)
Wood and Brass cameras – buy, sell, show off, etc
Black & White Amateurs Photography Group…
Large Format Photography Users Group
B&W Film Photography

Miscellaneous links (I will tidy them up)-most are self explanatory – platinum photos – sally mann photos – photo printing – selenium and other – platinum printing – platinum printing at cambridge – platinum printing – sales and loads of information – Mamiya manual – leica serial numbers – camera prices – camera details – camera manuals – lens mounting list

The Silver Sunbeam

Leica Links

Leica shutter fitting



Interesting and Useful Information, Quotes and Websites Has the UV spectrum for colodion as well as a lot of useful formula

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