The First 60 years

Sorting through some recent photos I found this interesting snap which condenses my love of photography from when I started to look and see with a camera 60 years ago, to today.

This deserves a caption competition - Me with my Nikon SP and my Pen-P3
This deserves a caption competition -Me with my Nikon SP and my Pen-P3

I have been taking photos for over 60 years. In this snap I am holding the type of camera which inspired me over 60 years ago – the Nikon SP with the 50mm 1.4 – which is without doubt the best 35mm camera ever made (OK possibly the 1.5 is better but only if it is on a Leica IIIf)- I also have an Olympus Pen P3 on my shoulder but at least this has the Zuiko 55mm 1.2 lens on it and is permanently on manual. I use the Nikon as my standard miniature camera (as well as the Olympus OM1 sometimes 🙂 ).

I was inspired by one of the best photographers of the 20th century – David Duncan Douglas – in my opinion, THE best photographer of the 20th century (and I include Ansel Adams in this).

I wish I could remember what I was saying in the photo, but it was probably about the Nikon as I was talking to another photographer….

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